When you think about mushrooms, you need to go beyond your good old fashioned white button mushroom.

There are so many other amazing varieties out there to try both from a culinary flavor/texture experience & from nutritional/health benefits.

See below for a list of some key benefits:

All: Low in calories & carbohydrates

All: Great natural source of umami via their natural MSG content

All: Feed your microbiome via their high polysaccharide content

All: High in dietary fibers which increase satiety

All: Good sources of glutathione, selenium, B vitamins & vitamin D

Reshi: Helps you sleep by calming your active mind

Chaga: Support your adrenal glands when you are stressed

Maitake: Balance your immune system

Lions Mane: Protects brain health

Shitake: Supports heart health

Cremini/Portobello: High in antioxidants

When shopping for fresh mushrooms, choose firm, well-shaped ones free of spots & slime. If possible, inspect the underside of mushrooms—ones with visible gills tend to have a richer flavor.

Check out this great article from Cooks Illustrated explaining the different varietals in more depth & how you can use them in your daily dishes.


So go ahead & get adventurous around using mushrooms of all types in your cooking.

With so many different varieties out there, you’ll have a great time trying them out.

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