Do you know what’s the difference between table salt and sea salt?

Table salt is typically mined from the earth & has added iodine & anti-caking agents added to prevent it from clumping.

Sea salt is harvested from brackish waters which has been evaporated & usually does not have any added ingredients.

The main benefits of sea salt are that it retains the natural mineral content from where it originated from, mainly magnesium, potassium & calcium + over 60 key trace minerals.

It’s these minerals that are why sea salt is the better choose over table salt.

Based upon where the salt comes from, it will determine its color & unique flavor tones.

Salt is a necessary nutrient that we all need to maintain health, but you just need to be mindful of your daily intake.

Try not to overdo it & stick to less than 2,300 mg per day (about a teaspoon)

Some interesting facts about sea salt:

*Balances body fluid levels & prevents dehydration
*Anti-inflammatory properties via its mineral content
*Helps ease muscle pain
*Supports proper nervous system function
*Aids in digestive health
*May support blood sugar balance

Check out The Salt Fix book by Dr James DiNicolantonio to learn more about why salt is so important:

Here’s my favorite sea salts:

Pink Himalayan salt
Redmond salt
Celtic salt
Maldon sea salt
Colmina sea salt

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To your health!

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