Every person wants to feel like they can live their life without constraint.

But finding a way to do that when you have chronic health concerns makes this seem like a fantasy.

Constantly wondering if you are ever going to find a solution can make it tough to get through the day.

The truth is, no one should miss out on life due to uncontrollable symptoms, and you shouldn’t have to spend your time anxiously finding the next diet, exercise plan, or tracker that will finally make a difference.

At Re-Root, I get it. Finding a solution that works feels stressful.

However, this stress melts away when you have a Functional Nutrition Coach partnering with you.

My client Nick shares that he had been trying to change his eating habits his entire life. Between cultural norms and a lack of coping skills for stress, Nick struggled to create change in his routine. With a low-pressure, non-judgmental, and commonsensical approach, Joseph helped me make individual changes and stick to them.”

Re-Root is a place where you can change those habits that have been stubbornly sticking around and leading to chronic inflammation. While working with Re-Root, you’ll learn how to manage food, movement, stress, and sleep so that you can implement changes that will work.

When you schedule your Discovery Call, we will:

  1. Review your current situation and concerns.
  2. Discuss how we can work together to make change happen.
  3. Put the plan into action step by step.

Don’t wait. Book your Discovery Call today and start engaging with life.

What is holding you back? Your Discovery Call is a no-cost way to explore what it is like to work with a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach. 

Book your Discovery Call today and return to the activities and relationships you love. 

Getting outside, having dinner with friends, and having a fun family day will be the norm rather than the exception.

To your improved health!


P.S. Not sure what to ask during a Discovery Call

Here are 5 questions that will help you get to know your coach:

  1. How did you become interested in health and wellness?
  2. What is your approach to nutrition and lifestyle?
  3. Why should I work with a functional nutrition coach?
  4. What are some possible changes I can expect to see in 6 months?
  5. What happens when I hit a plateau in my progress?

Book a call and get your questions answered

Joseph Bershad

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